Why Hub Bravissimo works for many music teachers?

Hub Bravissimo places a high premium on your tutoring comparing with teaching at home, leaves you more money than teaching at music school. You can bring your own brand here and keep all your students in your own database.

The quick version is that Hub Bravissimo brings you more $.

But how does it work? Let’s get stuck into it.

Rehearsal room with a 7 feet kawai grand piano. Suitable for concert, recital, rehearsal, lesson, photo shoot.

​How Hub Bravissimo works: A primer

Instead of renting a whole place, renovating and managing it, Hub Bravissimo provides you the most convenient place in the Sydney City, the best pianos, the highest quality acoustic rooms and the most reasonable price. On top of this, you can keep your own brand. Your name is a luxury brand. Don’t hide it. We help you to extend your own brand.

We provide a website to post your own advertisement. We have thousands of students members who learn all kinds of instruments. You will find new students in our system.

We have a concert room and a 7’4″ concert piano. You can organise the small concert for your students but only spend very little money.

Don’t wait, it’s time to upgrade your tutorial.

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